The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Season 1

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a restaurant fanatic and practically a walking Zagat guide. I've been meaning to summon up some city guide posts, but in the meantime, I thought that it'd be fun to give you a little list, based on memorable restaurant dishes. I'm not sure if it's still even on the air, but Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" was always one of my favorite shows. Probably because I'd either agree with or argue against everyone they had on–or at the very least, develop a new food odyssey. 

I decided to use the Wikipedia page, and start with season 1, adding what my choices would be! Obviously I couldn't just choose one, so I limited myself to five from each topic. I purposely tried to think outside of the last 2 years, but made sure that these are (for the most part) menu items still around from places still in business. 

What can I say. Some people eat to live, some live to eat...why not both?!  I'd love to hear any and all of your suggestions as well!!

Stay tuned for season 2 in the upcoming weeks!

Totally Fried

Curly Fries, Tinker's Burgers, Summerland, California

Fried Goat Cheese w/ Lavender Infused Honey, Alta, New York, New York

Xuixo, Bar Pinotxo, Barcelona, Spain

Sonsos, Tapas 24, Barcelona, Spain

Onion Rings, Lucky's Restaurant, Montecito, CA

Local Smoke // Bar Pinotxo // Glazed & Confused // Tapas 24 (All images by Jamie Levine)


Big Apple BBQ, New York, New York

BBQ Ribs, Lone Star Barbecue & Mercantile, Santee, South Carolina

Smoked Pulled Pork, Local Smoke, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Barbecue w/ Slaw Sandwich, Jones Restaurant, Portsmouth, Virginia

Pulled Pork Sandwich, Gramercy Tavern, New York, New York

Check back for my upcoming BBQ belt trip!

With Bacon

Bacon Cheeseburger, Union Square Cafe, New York City

BLT, Union Square Cafe, New York City

Bacon-Maple Doughnut, Glazed and Confused, Chicago, Illinois 

Side of Bacon, Farmshop, Brentwood, California

New York Breakfast Sandwich, Joan's on Third, West Hollywood, California

Tartine Bakery // Trattoria Sostanza // Union Square Cafe // Forty Carrots (All images by Jamie Levine)

Sugar Rush

Chocolate Cake/ Meadowbrook Farm Cream, Casellula, New York, New York

Chocolate Chip Cookie, The City Bakery, New York, New York

Fromage Blanc Island "Cheesecake", Chikalicious, New York, New York

Chocolate Chip Meringue Cake, Trattoria Sostanza, Florence, Italy

Plain & Chocolate Frozen Yogurt w/ Carob Chips, Forty Carrots (Bloomingdales), New York, New York


Fennel Sausage, Panna, Red Onion & Scallions, Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles, California

Smoked Salmon Pizza, Spago, Beverly Hills, California

Bianca "Skizza", Gigi Hudson Valley, Rhinebeck, New York

Gruyere, Caramalized Onion, Fromage Blanc, Arugula, Gjelina, Venice, California 

Famous Original, Roberta's, Brooklyn, New York


Fish Tacos, South Beach Bar & Grille, Ocean Beach, California

Chocolate Eclair, Tartine Bakery, San Francisco, California

Orange, Cease and Desist, Eleven Madison Park, New York, New York

Cocoa Nib & Foie Gras Amuse, Blue Hill, New York, New York

Mac & Cheese, Joan's on Third, West Hollywood, California

Sant'Eustachio Il Caffe // Levain Bakery // Tartine Bakery // Eleven Madison Park (All images by Jamie Levine)

Wake up Call

Cappucino, Sant'Eustachio Il Caffe,  Rome, Italy 

Cinnamon Butter Brioche, Levain Bakery, New York, New York

Buttermilk Pancakes, Joe's Restaurant, Venice, California

Tortilla Espanola, Bar Pinotxo, Barcelona, Spain

Chai Tea w/ Milk, Agra Tandoori, Rhinebeck, New York

Between Bread

Lobster Roll, Pearl Oyster Bar, New York, New York

Crabcake Sandwich, Coastal Provisions, Southern Shores, North Carolina

Toasted Bagel w/ Cream Cheese, Breadzilla, Wainscott, New York

'Shroom Burger, Shake Shack, New York, New York

Falafel Sandwich, L'as Du Fallafel, Paris, France

Shake Shack // Pearl Oyster Bar // Tapas 24 // Union Square Cafe (All images by Jamie Levine)

With My Hands

Stone Crabs, Joe's Stone Crab, Las Vegas

Milk Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream on Waffle Cone, Rori's Ice Cream, Monetcito, California

Salmon Tartare Cornet, The French Laundry, Yountville, California

Bikini Comerc, Tapas 24, Barcelona, Spain

Biscotti Al Vin Santo, L'Osteria di Giovanni, Florence, Italy

Filled With Envy

Chinese Chicken Salad, Joan's on Third, West Hollywood, California

Leek Tart, Salumeria Rosi, New York, New York

Campfire Smores, Superba, Venice, California

Tomato Tart, Gramercy Tavern, New York, New York

Steak Frite Mustard Sauce, Le Relais de l'Entrecote, Paris, France