Subscription News, A Few Notes & A Video!

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Hi Friends!


To those who have been loyal readers of this blog: you've witnessed the many design incarnations this site has seen over the last couple of years and I appreciate you sticking with me. Every time someone tells me they made something of mine, I get the warm fuzzies, and for that, I thank you.

I've added two new buttons to the left <-------- that you should be aware of: an option to have posts delivered via email, and another to get my newsletter. I'm not quite sure when the newsletter will  launch, but it will be seasonal and filled with news, and very useful tricks, tips and menus from A FORMALLY TRAINED PRIVATE CHEF WHO COOKS IN A HOME SETTING FOR A LIVING. You won't be bombarded with anything obnoxious and also won't be selling your information– I hate the people who do that. I'm currently dealing with a very hostile telemarketer incessantly calling my house, so I really get it. This guy's in a caliber of his own.

If you are currently subscribed through Blogtrottr, I unfortunately don't have your email addresses to sign you up for the service I now use (which is way better). You will still receive my feed through Blogtrottr unless you cancel your account, and can then sign up through this site.

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  • Adding to above, this site will be seeing some more design and content updates, so stay tuned! Evolution is nice.
  • I'm off tomorrow for the second annual Big Traveling Potluck in Murrieta, CA. This is only my second blog conference, but from what I do gather, these types of events are a far cry from the restaurant people get-together nostalgia that hits me frequently in the warm months. My hope this weekend is for someone to drink too much and vomit on their shoes, but I'm pretty sure that this crowd is too sophisticated. #BTP2. 


  • Last year I was involved with two books that have recently launched: I was the Chief Recipe Tester for my friend Georgia's latest: Modern Pioneering, and can tell you that there's a lot of great stuff in there, especially if you're into a DIY, outdoorsy type of lifestyle. It's really more than that though, and her message is awesome, even to this city girl. I also contributed a sardine recipe to Alexis Wolfer's debut The Recipe for Radiance. Alexis and I have a lot in common when it comes to the way your food affects your body and I'm super into the dish I gave her.  I can't wait to see the tangible end products from these two very talented women!
  •  My next post should be up early next week: it involves a slow cooker and MEAT. I know that I haven't posted much animal protein on here, but rest assured I've got a lot of good stuff in my arsenal. 
  • I know I'm in Southern California and that the weather isn't a factor here, but I think that spring is a time for changing things up and starting fresh anywhere you are and at any age. I'm going to make it a point to explore my state more, travel (duh), try new activities, discover and just really reinvent in the smallest of ways. Tell me, are there any new hobbies or interests you've taken up....or at the very least, would like to?  


Here's a quick clip of me showing my client's daughter how spaghetti gets its shape. I wish we would have caught the very first time she saw it on tape because she shrieked with laughter when she saw the "hair". It was pretty hilarious. She kept smushing it in her hands so I served her clumpy pasta that night!

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