Friday Finds

This week has been very busy, but always a good thing in my book.  I threw my back out in Vegas and had to go to a chiropractor on New Year's Eve morning, so I've been sans exercise ever since which has been making me a little crazy....but I think I'm getting there.  I need to find a chiropractor out here asap because this week back at work has not been spine friendly.  A good reason to get new running shoes and massages, am I right?  Damn tall people problems.

Tonight I'm cooking for an auction dinner.  They bid on a 4 course meal cooked by about that?!  I'm so flattered that it sold out as fast as it did.  Then tomorrow I'm doing another dinner party at a house with one of my most favorite kitchens that I've ever cooked in.  Hollywood people are so much fun.  

I'm off Sunday and excited to have brunch with one of my old roommates from NYC.  She just moved to San Francisco with her bf and is one of those people who loves L.A., so we're going somewhere very L.A.  Follow me on instagram to find out where ;-P

Stay warm this weekend.

Friday Finds 1.10.14.jpg

 1.  For the restaurant geeks: The French Laundry now has a spirits program!
2.  Mmmm, cashew yogurt.  
3.  A good way to see the new year. 
4.  Love this Louis CK episode.  Boat people always have stories.
5.  Very cool stone work.  How I love kitchens.
6.  This is one amazing dad.  (Great find, Emily)
7.  Who knew?!  Team JB.
8.  NYE masquerade party in Vegas.