Friday Finds

There was a housekeeper I used to work with who literally couldn't let a shift go by without saying, "Oh Jamie, another day another dollar."  I loved that woman.  She'd also make me cook her favorite snack, chicken wings, at 350 degrees for 5 hours.  Wrapped in foil with salt, pepper, orange juice and dried ginger.  They were disgusting.  

I've been in a little bit of another day another dollar groove lately but am excited to take advantage of some must needed non-work time this weekend.  Is there a big basketball game or something?

Enjoy the weekend!  Here's my family and friend famous guacamole recipe if you need one.

 1.  Whoa.  Mysterious weather formations.   
2.  Love these wacky random internet finds from this blogger.
3.  We've been having some amazing sunsets in L.A. lately.  Whenenver I say that, my cousin says it's because of pollution.  Womp womp.
4.  So they say: the biggest food trends of 2014.  Uni is so 2011.
5.  Do you know what's in this picture?  That and 21 other foods that you probably wouldn't recognize.  My first time seeing a peanut plant!
6.  Simple and stunning fig wedding cake.  

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