Friday Finds

Hello lovelies!  I've been super busy with work, picking up extra days and doing some bigger events.  I feel guilty saying this, but the weather this week has been unbelievably perfect.  The kind that even a jaded native Angeleno takes notice of.  

Here are some fun links for the weekend.  Hope you have a few fun things on the agenda and I'll be back soon with more posts! xx

Friday Finds 1.17.14.jpg

 1.  Mmmm, Apple and Greek Yogurt Pancakes.  Perfect for Sunday brunch.
2.  Why Bill Murray is one of my favorite people ever.
3.  Pretty accurate portrayal of a fine dining cook.
4.  Haute barnyard.  I want one.
5.  The Bosphorus Villages of Arnavutkoy in Turkey.  NEED to go there one day.
6.  The truth.
7  What City Should you Actually Live In.  I got Paris.  
8.  Fallon does a better Springsteen than Springsteen.