Friday Finds

I was lucky enough to catch the official change of season in Manhattan last week.  This time of year is by far my favorite over there, probably since it's about the time of year when I first moved to the city.  The air has that certain feel that only happens when the leaves are getting ready to change.  It's just the best.  

But L.A.'s nice right now too.


Friday Finds 9.27.13.jpg

 1.  Have you ever seen any barefoot runners
2.  Just spotted a carob tree in the neighborhood.  Muffin topping all the way.
3.  How to taste an apple like a pro.  I'm a braeburn girl myself.
4.  The most beautiful first day of fall in Central Park last week.  Didn't spot no. 1.
5.  Blue Hill (one of my all time favorite restaurants) just released a line of savory yogurts.  Can't wait to taste.
6.  Such a fan of Meryl Pataky's work, especially her neon signs.
7.  Along my Hudson River jog last week.  Couldn't say it any better.