Friday Finds

June through August always feels so relaxed at work and this year's just seemed to fly by faster than ever.  Despite that, there's always something romantic feeling about warm nights and vacation time.  But if summer is for romance, then fall is for love.  Bring on the sweater weather and cider doughnuts.

I'm cooking an end-of-season, good ol' Malibu BBQ Saturday then off to join my family for some Santa Barbara fun.  I hope you're able to toast to something at some point this weekend.  I'm thinking work ethic and corn. 

Friday Finds 8.30,13 numbers.jpg

 1.  If you need to lose water weight, watch this.  
2.  Sucks to be number 21.
3.  The red cross marked its spot.
4.  Eleven untranslatable words from other languages.  
5.  Shot some cooking demos Wednesday, proving my point that pink post-its make me better at doing anything.  This makes sense.
6.  Do you have a go-to nightcap?
7.  Anton Chekov on the 8 qualities of cultured people.  Written in a letter to his brother in 1886.  I totally knew who he was before this.