My name is Jamie....

I have to come clean.  There's something I've been keeping from everyone, including my family, friends and the accidental stumblers upon this blog.  I don't know if it's the upcoming change of season, life in general, or the fact that I'm currently writing this in Vegas, where the truth usually doesn't come out, but.... 

I'm an Arugulaholic. 


When I started this site, I knew that as a chef- if I were to put myself out there- I'd want to provide my legions of readers with recipes that are user-friendly, practical and healthy.  The name Green Beans & Grapefruit came from the fact that every recipe on here would showcase a fruit or vegetable- as a way to simply incorporate more into our diets.   I believe that is important.  I believe that this country has a critical food lifestyle problem and that there are already too many blogs that propel the irresponsible endorsement of consumption and excess in ways that are killing us (a little about that here).  That's not to say that I deem those bloggers or their recipes as bad or wrong; I just knew that I didn't want to be on the more-butter-more-fun bandwagon because as a professional food-crafter, sometimes too much butter is just too much butter.  I believe in a healthy lifestyle that involves moderation, seeking the perfect croissant, balance, physical activity, daily chocolate, discipline and mental checks; it's about quality over quantity.  

But I feel I've limited myself....I'm dying to show you how restaurant cooks make a hamburger with precision (they're incredibly hard to cook to temp) or the best (and easiest) garlic knots my clients go crazy over!   

A perfectly cooked grilled cheese sandwich and chocolate cake washed down with nice Syrah are beautiful occasions.  Meaning, occasional indulgences are great!  Food is wayyyy more than fuel or cheap endorphins.  It is an experience, an art form, a lifestyle and my livelihood.     

That's my food approach.

If I've given the impression that I'm some crunchy Californian, I apologize.

So going forward, this space is for the manufacturers of food experiences, the bandits of meal memories and those who give a crap about what they put in their bodies- all to be taken with a grain of fleur de sel.

If you've made it this far, thank you.  Anonymous comments always welcome.