Friday Finds

Greetings from Santa Barbara!  I'm here for a family reunion with the midwesterners for the next few days.  18 of us in total and I think we've already filled one of those city dispensed recycling bins. 

Cheers to a great weekend! 

Friday Finds 8.2.13.jpg

 1.  There's no place like Montecito. 
2.  Greeted the family yesterday with a throw-together tomato and watermelon salad.
3.  Treat yourself to Michael Procopio's latest.
4.  Found a pic of my Union Square Cafe boys and me from '06!
5.  6 Harsh Truths That Will Make you a Better Person... (Thank you Shutterbean for this).
6.  29 Signs You've Worked in A Restaurant Kitchen has definitely made my social media feed many times over.
7. Written in my parking garage this week.  That's all I have to say about that.