Friday Finds

I cooked a BBQ dinner party yesterday.  It was a meet and greet for a bunch of parents and students.  When it came time for appetizers, everyone seemed off to a good start, socially.  I let them do their thing and eventually set up all the food, buffet style.  When I went to check in about 30 minutes later, the adults were having a blast (alcohol), and the offsprings were at a separate table, sitting in silence.  I conspired to maybe start a grill fire or throw the dog in the pool to give them a distraction from the awkwardness/break the ice, but instead I went back inside to rangle more booze.

Hosting tip #551: If you often entertain and ever plan to invite those less than a quarter of a century old, BUY A TRAMPOLINE.

Friday Finds 7.26.13 numbers.png

  1.  Lark & Linen wins her way to my heart with this very helpful post on photo editing.  (She's an incredible photographer btw!!)
2.  I've made ribs for different clients 3 times this week more or less using this recipe.  Photo credit via That Kind of Woman.
3.  My Husband's Tumor is the bittersweet account of family dealing with brain cancer.  Nora McInerny is one hell of a writer.
4.  DO IT DO IT. Do. It.
5.  "Slow is Beautiful"- talk by James Freeman, Owner of Blue Bottle Coffee.  He has a forehead in the video.
6.  Hard to tell but my friend got the Despicable Me minions hand painted on her nails!  "Oh it took like an hour."
7.  By far the best instagram I posted this week.