Friday Finds

Why, helloooo....(said like Jerry Seinfeld).  Speaking of my pal Jerry, have you seen his web series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee?  Bookmark it.
I'm a little in shock that July is on its way out (not really) but I've got a fun August in store.  Any good reading recs?  I just finished Mindy Kaling's very funny book and am ready for the next. 
Other than that and this, let's all try to enjoy the present a little...mmm kay?

xo, J

Friday Finds 7.19.13 numbers.jpg

 1.  Looking uptown from Lincoln Center last week in love love the upper west side.
2.  Utterly obsessed with this woman and currently listening to the audio book at the gym.  Here's an excerpt. 
3.  Here's to a summer of sparkling rose!  Sometimes with yogurt and granola at Union Square Cafe.
4.  Sometimes I think patience is just a waste of time.
5.  Cup of Jo has a really interesting weekly series about American moms raising kids abroad.  First interview was Norway.
6.  Espresso makes me so very happy.
7.  The truth.