Friday Finds

I've found that I'm in a bit of lazy summer mode but rather than be hard on myself, I've decided to free pass the situation (we all need to be a little easier on ourselves, right?)  And by pass, I mean see movies when I want (including weekdays I randomly have off) and not feel guilty.  Yesterday I saw Before Midnight- really liked it- and have a new found respect for Ethan Hawke who acted, wrote and produced.  I also need to get my Melissa McCarthy/Sandra Bullock laughs on like tomorrow.
Hope you're having a relaxing start to the summer as well!

Friday Finds 6.28.13 numbers.jpg

 1. The charming trattoria mentioned in my last post. TAKE ME BACK.
2. The view from a 6 mile solo hike when realizing that I could very well get eaten by a mountain lion.
3. Love the stationary my client used to thank me for my thank you gift!
4. On the search for a new bed cover. Me like this company.
5. Camping is just so nostalgic for me this time of year. I need to find friends who are down.
6. Cuteness x 1000!!
7. Cliche but the truth...