Friday Finds

This week was an absolute blur but I'm back in the groove of real life and am so very happy to come back from Europe to grocery stores amassed with stone fruit galore.  I've already downed an average of 3 a day and can't wait to get some new recipes up. 

My work schedule has been crazy because Hollywood people all randomly go away this time of year, so I've finally embraced the iCal.  Too many shuffled dates to, I needed to figure out when to leave town!  

Again, anyone have any travel bug spray??


Friday Finds 6.21.13 numbers.png

 1.  The best strawberries I've ever had. Harry's Berries- Santa Monica Farmers' Market. 
2.  In love with this Karen Kane dress.
3.  My view from a hike in Pacific Palisades last week.  My right leg is still half dead.
4.  I'll take one of these please.  Coastal living is the life isn't it?
5.  Also on a different hike...the old MASH set!
7.  Ice cream sandwiches + rainbow sprinkles = world peace.
8.  An artichoke flower in my clients' yard.  They're so cool looking!