Friday Finds: Spain and Italy

I'm not gonna lie.  I'm not too thrilled to be back in L.A. right now.  This always happens after trips abroad- I return to notice how ugly the buildings are here and how bad the food is and how gross people look in their sweatpants.   
The nerve, right? 

I'm still in the midst of sifting through the 1000 photos I took on this trip, all while trying to figure out how to catalog them in Lightroom 4 because apparently I'm out of space.  Even my computer software seems uglier to me here.

If anyone has any travel bug spray, please send it my way. 



Friday Finds 6.14.13 numbers.jpg

  1.  Can't visit Barcelona without Churros con Chocolate!  Granja La Pallaresa is worth a stop.
2.  My all time favorite Gaudi.
3.  Had the most magical Roman lunch seated next to the cutest old man. Everything a meal should be about was summed up by him.
4.  SONSOS!!!!!
5.  In of the best meals of my life.  More about this in a follow up post.
6.  Espadrilles from the famous shop in Barcelona!  They make them in back.
7.  Prosecco or a spritz every afternoon in Italy?  Yes, I think so.
8.  Limoncello your worries away!
9.  Overpriced orange juice in Trastevere when you've been walking for hours is a cure all.