I heart NYC: 36 hours


Today was my first day returning to work, so I guess the vacation is officially over.  Meh.  I think I'm having I'm-gonna-eat-everything withdrawals.  Now back to a diet of vegetable juice and broken dreams.

Without sounding too obnoxious, the trip was pretty epic.  And soooo many hilarious moments I'll eventually trickle into here.

We started with 36 hours in the city that steals my heart.... 


I did my own thing and stayed with my best friends whom I'll refer to as Vaughan Hospitality.  

Tyler and I had a war of lenses.... 


They work in some of NYC's finest restaurants...they are my people.  

They also just got it all together.  Herb garden on the balcony?  Why yes, I think I'll take some freshly pruned mint in my cocktail.


Now look below.   


You see why I call them my best friends?  I kid.
No, I don't. 


I made it to my old stomping grounds, Gramercy Tavern for lunch with another best friend of mine.  Inhaling the Strawberry Pie and avoiding eye contact to stare at the flower table is enough to die happy.

Then...walking off a great meal in the West Village is just about at the top of my list of favorite hobbies.  That day brought a broadway performance to Washington Square Park and a Magnolia's Bakery visit....for errr, a second dessert.

On our way to Magnolia's, while walking down West 4th, my friend was telling me a story about a podcast she just listened to.  Cuba Gooding Jr. definitely interrupted our conversation while sitting at a street side table.  I laughed and kept walking and my friend didn't even hear it.  She was a tad bummed because celebs are her thing.  

Those were a few highlights...I'm exhausted. 

More to come on Spain and Italy!