Friday Finds

I'm watching Scandal, and no, I have no personal connection to it other than I have cooked for one of the actors, but it's currently one of my favorite new shows.  There was just a scene with "Cyrus" (I don't feel like looking up his real name), but he just totally rocked it.  He also used to play Meredith's dad on Grey's Anatomy, and I love the intensity and sardonicism he brings as this character.  A really great actor (and no, he's not the one I cooked for).

That's all, thank you. 

Friday Finds 5.9.13 numbers.jpg

  1.  Who calls the cops on well-behaved people at 9pm on a Saturday??  People who live in my building!
2.  Glitter Guide has a great Mother's Day menu posted.  My mom would love these.
3.  I spent last Saturday filming some on-camera bits.  Felt a little scatterbrained but hopefully they are decent.
4.  Cute heart cut-out.  Super cute!
5.  One of my dream cars!
6.  Avocado salad.  Nature's butter at its finest.
7.  I love this more every time I see it circulating the wacky web.
8.  Me and the BFF, right before the cops busted our CRAZINESS.