The Big Traveling Potluck & New Friends

A few months ago, I was at the farmers' market with my friend Alex and she mentioned that she was going to a "blogger potluck or some shit like that.  It should be fun."  It was already sold out so I put my name on the waiting list and a few weeks later a spot opened.

Since it was my first blogger conference, I really didn't know what to expect...would it be boring or clicky or corporate?  Well, internet friends, the bar was set extremely high.  

The event was coordinated by Maggy and her Mom, Pam of Three Many Cooks and Erika from The Ivory Hut.  I'm bowing down.  I'm absolutely astonished by the sheer amount of thought and detail put into every minute.  Beyond astonished.

I galleried some photos...Honestly, I had to force myself to snap them because I was having such a fun time just being present and taking it all in!


Amazing people, check.  Gorgeous settings, check.  REAT food, awesome sponsors, cool swag bags, avocado meals up the wazoo (utter bliss), a gentleman farmer, The Pioneer Woman, learning the backstory of fashionable/ONE, a presentation about the parallels of blogging and Billy Ocean, margaritas/guacamole contest, a spritzer bar, Ethiopian coffee ceremony, dinner and demo by Mary Sue Milliken, and a photo booth.....just to name a few things that went down.

Sounds awful, right?

I have to laugh at myself a little because this felt all so kumbaya compared to my NYC line cook days.  Naturally I found a bald man on a 12 string to demonstrate:


 I kid.  In all seriousness it was truly a fanatically wonderful weekend.

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