Friday Finds

One more day til I'm off on a 2 week trip with my mom and sister to NYC & Europe!  I can't help but feel a bit behind on everything right now but I know as soon as I'm on the plane, it's all good.  I'll post a little something explaining very shortly....

Also, because my procrastination comes in many manifestations, I've included this guy on a ukulele playing one of my all time favorite songs.

 ....and why do people* ask me to elaborate on calling myself a 65 year old gay man at heart???
 *this happened in a interview a few days ago.


Friday Finds 5.24.13 numbers.jpg

 1.  My friend Elana's charming line of candles.  We visited her booth at the Unique LA show a couple weeks ago. 
2.  I got to rock a pizza oven earlier this week!  My clients are the proud owners.
3.  A killer guac recipe by my friend Heidi over at foodiecrush.  Me and my ladyfriends ate our weight in avocado that weekend.
4.  Frozen bananas may be the best stuff on earth...sorry snapple.
5.  This hazelnut and chocolate cake looks like a winner.  Totes worth the splurge.
6.  Tina Fey knows everything.
7.  Me yesterday morning....story of your life too?
8.  This gorgeous scarf has an even more beautiful story.  Please support this cause.