Friday Finds

This week flew by way too fast!  I'm off to film more cooking demos this Saturday, then karaoke for a friend's birthday that night.  Somehow I foresee many foolish moments coming my way.  

ps- yay to May and its produce!

Friday Finds 5.3.13 numbers.png

 1.  I spy a Mother's Day special cocktail!
2.  DIY dipped spoons and tags.  Perty.
3.  A little late for squash but this still looks insaaaane.
4.  Maybe an ad for Corona but nonetheless beautiful!  I want.
5.  The 100 most beautiful places.  JUST WOW.
6.  Umm, stuff my face with all of these right now.
7.  I agree with Lady Roosevelt, but someone spelled her name wrong.
8.  Handmade surfboard at work this week!