Friday Finds

I saw a Gatsby today since I was randomly off, (the first movie I've seen at a theater in way too long) and absolutely loved it!  I'm now totally inspired to throw a GG themed party and may or may not have spent a better part of tonight's Grey's Anatomy searching on pinterest for images.  Hmmm, it may be a party of one but I dig it.   The soundtrack is off the hook, too.

Also, I'm leaving town for 2 weeks in about a week and I've decided that I'm going to take a brief posting hiatus.  I just have too much other work to do before I get out of here- I'll blab on more about that next week.  This way, I know I'll come back much more interesting.

In the meantime, I've got the goods: 


Friday Finds 5.17.13 numbers.jpg

1.  Love the look of this done-up tent!  I say with rustic-modern tables.

2.  Gorgeous rhubarb tart.  Eye. Candy.

3.  Please let me live here one day.  In love with everything.

4.  APPLE CHIPS!  Chip chip hooray!  Ok, I'll stop.

5.  So enamored with these flowers at a client's house.  They look straight out of a cartoon or something.

6.  Strawberry and herb flavored water.  Perfect for spring!

7.  Such a treat when other people cook for me!  Killer enchiladas...

8.  Our spread from Mother's Day brunch last week.  There was a mass email mildly arguing over who'd bring the cookies and then no one brought any.  The pastries were good though.