Friday Finds

If you read my last post or follow me on facebook or twitter, you then know that I've been out sick this whole week.  It has obviously thrown a monkey wrench in my week as I had to call out sick everyday (I HATE calling out), but coughing in my clients' food probably wouldn't have gone over too well.   I also had to postpone my video shoot this weekend, which is a bummer.  I'm still not 100%, but doing much better and have been trying everything to shake off this cough.  Oh well, admittedly, I've watched every talk show known to man (and kind of enjoyed it), but I'm ready to get back to my normal life as soon as my body will let me.  Please share any cough/cold remedies you may have (if you haven't on social media already)!  More recipes as soon as I can!

Friday Finds 4.5.13 numbers.jpg

 1.  Stella McCartney clutch.  She can do no wrong. 
2.  I've been looking for a necklace like this (with CA and NY of course)!
3.  I need a hot toddy like yesterday.
4.  Loving this dress.  I could see this at a spring/summer cocktail party.
5.  Honey-Roasted Figs w/ Limoncello Creme Fraiche from the ever talented What Katie Ate.
6.  Strawberry-Mango Mojito, a warm weather fixture for this one!
7.  A pic of the Grand Canyon I took a couple of years ago.  Never gets old.
8.  Flowers are nature's sprinkles.  You can quote me on that.