Friday Finds

10 general things on my mind at this very moment:

  1. Lean eating.
  2. Create cozy moments and take solace in them.
  3. Force self into bed early.
  4. I think I may be the kind of person who'd get shingles.
  5. Why do I jinx myself like that?
  6. Try to be patient and compassionate towards certain people who make me want to pull hair out of my skull.
  7. I think I'll do a farm field trip w/ friends this weekend.
  8. Accept that The Real Housewives of OC season reel lifts my sprits.
  9. Read more about food photography.
  10. Stop buying chocolate covered anything from Trader Joe's.
Friday Finds 4.19.13 numbers.png

 1.  I wish I could take credit for this incredible photo, but's the incredible La Tartine Gourmande making me look talentless.
.  Lemon Meringue Cupcakes that need to be in my life.
.  I will look good in this by summer.  I will look good in this by summer.  I will look good in this by summer.
.  Oh, Boston.  My heart weeps.
.  A new cookbook sent to me that I'm so smitten with.  It's stunning and I want to make almost everything in it.
.  Rhubarb Mojito.  Reason to drink more.
.  An artichoke plant in my Tues/Thurs family's yard.  They turn into incredible flowers.