Friday Finds

I'm still fighting off this virus thing I've had (2 weeks now) and am in full blown lethargy mode.  It tends to slowly creep in each afternoon and peak the minute I walk out of the door at work .  One more dinner party tomorrow and then a free weekend!  I'm getting my hair colored for the first time in years on Saturday (oh I can write many essays about why I went back to au natural), but I found someone I trust and am looking forward to a little seasonal change.   Spring really does seem like that time of year people want to start anew.  

Now that all I've talked about is me me me me me, are there any new projects or fresh starts you've tackled recently??  Do share. 

Friday Finds 4.12.13 with numbers.png.png

 1.  I'd rock these lavender oxfords.
2.  Salmon baked with spicy plum jam.
3.  I can't take it.
4.  My pal Elana's line of gorgeous home goods!  I'll take one of everything.
5.  Toasted Coconut Vanilla Limeade that sounds in-cre-di-ble.  Fun flavor combo.
6.  Bougainvillea on my morning jog.
7.  I've been making my own almond milk and I can't stop/won't stop.
8.  I've always loved the look of baby's breath on its own!
9.  Did you catch my Chamomile Fig Newtons?  I'm obsessed.