Friday Finds

Am so sorry for not posting midweek.  I've been trying to stay afloat in the abyss of work that's been thrown at me and my attempt at a Wednesday draft was laughable.  Believe me, I saved us both the time and embarrassment. 

I know, I know I've mentioned how much I hate most people at all grocery stores since I am there most days of the week for work, but today (Thursday) was a new low...a woman actually refused to move her cart for me to get by. Refused!  Instead she made the poor guy on his hands and knees stocking the shelves move his.  As I passed I gave the woman a begrudging "thanks" and then an immediate "thank you so much" to the man.  He ended up being my cashier and said that that was a first for him.  

I'm all about respecting my elders but really??  Should I confront people like that?  That was one of many annoying moments of the day but all-in-all this week was stellar.  

I've got some Friday Finds: 



Friday Finds 3.8.13 numbers.png

 1.  Have you noticed my new logo??  My mom painted it!  I LOVE it! 
2.  DIY baby's breath ceiling balls.  That sounds naughty.  (wedding, schmedding)
3.  Such a cute idea for wedding favors.  Love the stamped look!
4.  I've been toying around with changing my hair.  Diggin' her ombre.
5.  I'm a little obsessed with winter citrus and this cake is not helping one bit.
6.  Emerson Fry Smoking Loafers for the 65 year old grandpa that I am.
8.  Because I need another sweater...and I like to dress nautical 'n all. 
9.  Please add this to my sailor-chic outfit drawer.