Friday Finds: Dallas & NYC

I've had the most fun time in Dallas and NYC this past week.  The first leg of my trip was to visit my friend Jen's new baby, Clara in TX.  She's 3 weeks old and the teeniest little baby human I've ever held!  Jen was brave to trust me with such a foreign object.   

NYC has been as incredible as always.  I've had the pleasure of seeing great friends and running into many old restaurant colleagues.  I've been eating my way through this awesome town like it's no one's business...and the adult in me foresees some solid workouts when I get back (but so worth it)!  Blue skies greeted me and there's nothing like the man on the corner of 22nd and 6th who calls everyone who doesn't give him money a "rash" to remind you of the beat of this place.  Below are some fun moments I happened to catch on camera--there have been just too many to include!
I'm back to California this weekend and am looking forward to posting some fun new recipes! 
 A little side note: I'm blown away by the buzz I've gotten for my Banana, Guinness and Chocolate Float from around the web.  Who knew?!

Friday Finds 3.29.13 numbers.jpg


1.  Greetings from my amazing friend Jen in Dallas.  A substitute coffee cup for the one my dishwasher ruined and Austin-hipster lara bars
  2.  The obligatory saddle seat at a local bar.
  3.  We went to a souffle restaurant one night!  
  4.  Cool TX bar, not far from Oklahoma.  See number 2.
  5.  I learned how to hold a baby!  
 6.  Dude, Sweet Chocolate.  Very cool chocolate shop we may have spent too much time in.
  7.  Wall of succulents outside of restaurant first night.

  8.  Go to Eleven Madison Park, order the orange julius, spiked with rum.  Tell them Jamie sent you.
  9.  A happy note greeting me at the apartment from my BFF Megan.
10.  Walking on sunshine in Manhattan and it feels so good.
11.  The first Shack burger in way too long.
12.  Sometimes I get my boots shined with friends.  Jim's is supremo.
13.  My first up close look at the Freedom Tower.
14.  A little espresso at the Ralph Lauren store.
15.  My gorgeous new Ralph Lauren leather jacket.  What can I say, I have a thing for leather jackets.
16.  Schlepped my Nenox knife across the country for repair at the knife mecca of the west, Korin