Friday Finds

Wow, so much has happened since last Friday!  I now have a toddler blog!  One year olds are considered toddlers I think.  What a fast and fun ride this has been (thank you thank you thank you for reading.  Seriously).  Ohhh, and it's now spring!  How about that?!   

I'm off to Dallas and NYC tomorrow so unfortunately no recipe posts will be happening next week.... (you never know, that may change), but I can't wait to share some of my always fun and seldom boring adventures. Cowboy hats and large blonde hair sounds like a great few days if you ask me. the sprit of the new season, I've added a little audio du jour.  A song that always reminds me of spring, and sung by an awesome girl (other than me) on an awesome instrument.  Don't mind me, I'm weird.


Friday Finds 3.22.13 numbers.png

 1.  Flowers growing at my client's house.  Spring is here!
2.  Rattlesnake season in Southern California.  I took this right outside of my friend's condo.
3.  How fun/horror movie scary/static electricity hair/suffocation death/party chic does this look?  
4.  Blonde wooden clutch.  So fashionable!  Can also be used in self defense!
5.  This ring is sold out, but I have my eye on it...
6.  Did you catch my St. Paddy's Banana, Guinness & Chocolate Float?  It's one of my most viewed posts ever!
7.  Itsy bitsy cacti garden.  I foresee a new project.
8.  Why yes, I'm in love with this kitchen.  No, I wouldn't mind cleaning carrara marble bricks.