Friday Finds

It's March, damnit!  These past two months have been a whirlwind of new opportunities and I could only cross my fingers and hope that the next two/many months will be just as kind to me.  I'm very much looking forward to my first official food photography class on Saturday since learning how to use my fancy camera has been a high priority since getting it last fall.  

Here are this week's FF!


1.  At the Malibu Farmers' Market.  Berries and beautiful people...
.  I just LOVE these gold balloons.  So chic, so stylish!
.  Wishbone necklace.  I wish I owned this.
.  Workhorse Jewelry Cheyenne Bracelet.  GIMME.
.  The main ingredient I recipe tested with last week?  Pretty smelling roses!
.  Avocado makes my soul purr.
.  Meyer Lemon Pasta in all our faces!  The season's coming!
.  Remember those berries I mentioned?  This is an above average way to use them.
.  I may have bought milk just for this bottle.  Judge away.