Friday Finds

Unfortunately I wasn't able to snap any shots of the high speed pursuit that ended down the street from me earlier this week, however I did manage to collage some goodies that have caught my eye.   

TGIF although my big weekend plans include even more recipe testing and taxes.  That's right, self-employed tax anxiety is in full swing and I think I may be on the way to an ulcer.  I'll keep you posted on that, because I'm trying to expand my internet-oversharing bubble.

Friday Finds 2.22.13 w:numbers.png

1.  At Bouchon favorite way a table can be decorated.
2.  Kate Spade studs I must must must have!
3.  Love this flower chart.  Flower power yo.  Spring is a comin'!
4.  Lavender hot chocolate looks like heaven in my body.
5.  J.crew chambray = my year round uniform.  Wardrobe staples rock.
6.  This reminds me of someone.
7.  I'd gladly do my business here.  The wood makes it feel so warm.
8.  Hey, best friends!  Get us these!!  I want the best.
9.  I'll say it: fancy champagne makes me happy.  So sue me.