Bob's Tomato-Olive Fettucine, Grilled Lamb chops & Zucchini {snapshots of a meal}

What a week I just had.  Between my normal personal chef duties, recipe testing for a book, and a full day cooking shoot, thank the heavens this past weekend concluded in such a relaxing way.

My mom's cousin and his wife were in town from the midwest so right after Saturday's filming, I joined the rest of the family for an always-fantastic meal at Bouchon.  The Beverly Hills stereotypes were out in full force and if I had a dollar for every pair of 6 inch heels worn by some girl who looks like she has no big toes when walking...well...I maybe could have paid for valet.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling only 50% recharged but managed to summon enough energy to walk around Santa Monica with the out-of-towners.  Cousin Bob wanted to cook dinner for everyone that night (as he always insists on doing), so obviously we were game.  You know I hungry-hippo at any offer I get!  

So, I'd like to continue my {snapshots of a meal} series with a small excerpt from that night.  My mom had the dining room set but we all just ended up hovering over the kitchen counter with the Pomona car races on (the reason he's in town).  And that's the thing...that's what this series is all about: there is no specific formula for a great meal.  It's about real food and cooking.

But great company is nice too!

Bob with his friends Jack and Dom | Sheets of fresh pasta rolled out (what can I say, I always have dough in the freezer!)

Marinated lamb chops | Sweatin' those onions with a smile


Sauce stirring | I rolled the dough





Grilling's a year round thing here in L.A.  Bob likes that.