Friday Finds

I am sooooo ready for this weekend to begin, even though it's a busy one.  I've got a couple of family get-togethers, blog stuff and my invoices to do, which are pretty much the bane of my existence.  Someone pour me a stiff drink.  

Speaking of which, what's your favorite winter cocktail??  I'm clearly into making myself ten.

Friday Finds 12.6.13.png

 1.  Getting ready for ham...mmmm.  Like this Bon Appetit recipe, a lot.
2.  Garance Dore's Things Parisians Do.  This made me laugh.
3.  The culinary world lost another good one this week.  Incredible chicken a la Judy Rogers, via smitten kitchen.
4.  Foodscapes!  I'm not normally into too-touched food but THIS IS SO COOL.
5.  Portraits of Dogs as They Shake Off Water.
6.  “To me, junk food is modern-day cigarettes: they’re the same thing."  Interesting read; like his style for the most part. (Just have a piece of toast once in a while).
7.  Paaaaaaaaarty dress.  Love Karen Kane everything.
8.  Drinks and the sunset with my mom, sister and aunt at The Four Seasons Santa Barbara last weekend.  Interesting conversations around us.