Friday Finds

I'm beyond excited to have some down time since my clients are all away this next week.  Who's going on a sugar detox with me after this is all over?  Disgusting I tell you.  There will definitely be some greens making their way on here.

I'm going to my aunt and uncle's company party today....and having lots of family time here in L.A. this weekend and next week.  (I need a sugar chaperone, like now).

Hope you have a great pre-Christmas weekend.  Cheers to that! 

Friday Finds 12.20.13.png

 1.  Boozy White Hot Chocolate.  YES.
2.  Yayoi Kasuma's current exhibition—“I Who Have Arrived in Heaven"—at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York.  Looks incredible.
3.  Meet the coolest mayor in the world.  Love this guy.
4.  Paints that are actually chocolate.  Made by a Japanese company.
5.  What the most traveled man in the world has learned.  So neat.
6.  Will this salad reverse my self-inflicted sugar-damaged body?  Damn holidays.
7.  Well shit.  (Image credit) 
8.  The Science Behind Stuffing Your Face at Christmas.