Friday Finds

I'm absolutely getting my holiday baking on this weekend...I'm thinking something chocolate-peppermint and something gingerbread.  Between those smells, and getting the tree this weekend, I think I'll be able to start embracing this whole Christmas thing.  Falalalalalalalalala.

Friday Finds 12.13.13.jpg

 1.  Pretty holiday table. 
2.  10 winter wonderlands.  So peaceful.  So not L.A.
3.  Did you know eggnog can be aged??  Sometimes for up to 2 years?  Visit Aida. 
4.  Obsessed with this blog.
5.  Some holiday cookie tips.  Now get baking.
6.  Eggnog Florentines.  OMG.
7.  Some of the prettiest Christmas trees from around the world.