Friday Finds

Please excuse the shorter Friday Finds today.  I'm getting ready to move tomorrow and that's always so much fun, isn't it??  ALSO, I just saw my bill from my migraine visit and am thinking that this chest-tightening and heart palpitation reaction it has induced is just a sneaky method of getting more out of you.  Oh now my head hurts again too.  #wishmeluckwitheverything #puke 

In other news, this space is getting some major botox in the weeks to come.  I'm still working out the details but it's all very exciting.  Stay tuned.

Friday Finds 11.8.13.jpg

 1.  The culinary world lost a legend this week.
2.  Whole roasted cauliflower.  Die cauliflower steaks, I'm sick of you.
3.  Femininity and food from my all time favorite blogger.
4.  Call me old-fashioned, but this is a nice read on the choice to marry.
5.  What can I say, I'm into alternative hippie baking (and chocolate and bananas). No apologies.
6.  Guys, this is a legit Personal Chef job description from the end of September.  2013 Downton Abbey exists.