Accessorizing Thanksgiving

Even though Thanksgiving is pretty much the most food-centric holiday, I really don't own anything that commemorates the day.  Not a special turkey platter, not a tea towel or napkins or candle.  No electric knife (they are so unnecessary, people)(Who needs that box that takes up that much room, anyway?)(I know that people (men) feel weirdly powerful when they use them, but still).  Nothing.  

I've always looked twice at the Turkey plates that Williams-Sonoma annually carries but do I really need once-a-year plates that I will probably break after too much wine?  No.  Rather, if I splurge, I'd prefer the accessorize the day with these sweet serving utensils.  They're smart not to include a knife for big, mixed-family occasions.

Also, Anthropologie's pumpkin candle, Martha's DIY wishbone napkin rings (love the chrome color), and Williams-Sonoma's turkey cocktail napkins.