Friday Finds

I'm not sure how much longer I can blame my lethargy on the time change/my move, but maybe one more week?  Other than busy with work, I've been cooking non-stop at home and should have some new posts up here soon.  

Tuesday was a treat.  I'm still reeling from a mini concert by THE KILLERS at Jimmy Kimmel.  Robin Williams was there too.  He's so genius-wacky-crazy and I love it.   I also love overhearing young Hollywood green room bathroom talk.  *facepalm*

Friday Finds 11.15.13.jpg

 1.  Love 'em or hate 'em, 3 dramatically different ways to use pomegranate seeds.  (LOVE them).
2.  Vogue goes inside Mast Brothers.  The most delicious way to go broke.
3.  The Springsteen of my generation...
4.  Do you think talented women are invisible in the media?  Written by a very talented female chef.
5.  Kinfolk's Autumn Dutch Baby.  Perfect for a cozy brunch.
7.  What a crazy wonderful world.  27 surreal places.