Friday Finds

It's November.....This means that we are full throttle heading into holiday abyss and I'm not quite ready.  As you ten readers know, I need to improve my holiday blogging skills and perhaps be a little more timely.  Crap, I haven't even posted a pumpkin recipe on here.  Ok, that will be a goal of mine because pumpkin stuff will for sure lure in a few more visitors.

I'm happy to be home this weekend, because I am feeling under the weather but my To Do list is stopping me from the only thing I want to do which is absolutely nothing.  I literally want to sleep and veg and then repeat...but that will just have to wait.  Oh well.  

I hope you enjoy this week's reads....and I will get on the pumpkin food. 

Friday Finds 11.1.13 numbers.jpg

 1.  Ate my weight in pineapple salt water taffy at a baby shower two weeks ago.  (It's a girl).
2.  The gluten debate continues at Vogue...
3.  How Locals Spend a Sunday: Paris.  I'm *this close* to moving to Europe. 
4.  Newly discovered blog.  Lady crushing.
5.  A friend brought some Boudin sourdough with him from SF last week.  Nothing better.
6.  Great holiday drink option by Lark & Linen.
7.  These make buying a special pan worth every effort.  Almond flour based too.
8.  Interesting read, especially for fine dining kitchen people.  
9.  Feel good breakfast.  I'm feeling this.