Friday Finds: Vegas & Napa

October has been a crazy month for so many of my friends and family as well.  I was in Vegas two weekends ago and then San Francisco/Napa last weekend and tomorrow we're hosting our annual Halloween party.  Not to mention there's been a lot of life happening in between all that.  I'm running on fumes at this point and my costume may or may not be too small but at least Halloween is the one day of year you can get away with being a complete hot mess.

Some highlights from one place I can only tolerate and another that totally gets me:

  • Elton in Vegas was no Bruce experience but still totally worth seeing.  Him entering the stage in a floor-length bedazzled cape is fully worth the price of admission.  
  • My friend Julie and I had a pre-show dinner at the new Nobu in Caesars and of course had their famous miso black cod.  (I will have to put that recipe on here since it's a client favorite and excruciatingly simple).  
  • I met my nightclub quota for the next two years when I went to The Act in the Venetian.  It was their last night of business and they literally shuttered the doors at 5 that morning.  It was–how do you say– extra special that night.   


  • I was only in San Francisco/Napa for all of 36 hours.  Dinner in the city last Saturday was at a Vietnamese-French place called Le Colonial, tucked along a tiny back alley near Union Square.  The food was decent, the room and company was great.
  • Napa is never a disappointment to me.  I almost moved there to work in restaurants after culinary school but then decided on New York City.  Domaine Chandon is a longtime favorite winery, located on beautiful acreage in Yountville.  They are revered for their sparkling wines and we opted for a flight of only roses (and a cheese plate).
  • The original Bouchon in Yountville is always fun to visit, although it's hard to believe how touristy the bakery has become throughout the years.  A constant line 30 deep throughout the few hours we hung near by.  No thank you.  We had a late lunch of Kumamoto oysters, sea urchin and escargot on the bistro patio.
  • Most of the wineries close at 4:30 on Sundays, so just one more stop to St. Clement in St. Helena, and then headed back south after.  Short and sweet.
  • It's a good sign when you are recommended a Cantonese restaurant where there are 98% Cantonese people eating.  In Millbrae, the sign says: Hong Kong Flower Lounge.