Friday Finds

Hopefully your week was peaceful.  I'm just about recovered from last weekend's whirlwind Vegas trip.  My body can only take so much.  The Elton concert was totally worth the travel (although I think I've met my Sin City quota for the year).  We even were fortunate enough to hang in the green room before the show.  The walls were a dark grey.   

I'm off again this weekend to San Francisco and's harvest time AKA the best time of year to visit.  I can't wait to breathe the grape oxygen and will definitely take a few snapshots to share on here.  Cheers to a great weekend wherever you are. 

Friday Finds 10.18.13.jpg

 1.  Caramel Chicken.  I need to make this asap.
2.  What people really want in a kitchen.  Yup, that will do.
3.  She flew around the world in business class for $1340.  Very cool tips.
4.  My BFF Julie and I in Vegas last weekend!
5.  Nobu in Caesars, pre-show.  We happened to watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi the next day.
6.  Love Lilian's Discovery Thursday series.  She always shares the greatest things.
7.  29 Reasons You Should Absolutely Have a Halloween Wedding.  These seem legit.
8.  Sir Elton last Saturday.