Friday Finds

I sincerely love doing Friday Finds not only to show my little world some of my favorite snacks or wish-list clothing, but because much of what I include are the little things that make me happy (see 1,7 & 8). When certain aspects of your life seem overwhelming, it's important to remind yourself of those sliver moments of bliss; make yourself a cup of tea; crank up that awesome in-moment song on the radio; catch the sunset.

I'm happy to report that the past seven days have brought me many of those small moments.  And lots of great beer.

(Psst...See more of them on instagram @chefjamielevine)!

FridayFinds 1.25.13 w: numbers.png

1. My Manitobah slippers that cannot leave my feet in the winter. The best ever.
2. Rib and Hull Cognac Pouch- somebody put this in my decrepit canvas tote!
3. Heart in your hand pie.  Now, with a firm grip, squeeze the crap out of it and then throw it against the closest wall.  Wait, nevermind.
4. Lace and chambray.  This is totally what us Californians look like all the time.
5. Gorgeous dinner plates.  Use to pick up #3.
6. I would probably look like a drag queen clown attempting this, but oh-so pretty!
7. Succulents at my aunt's beach house.  Love the dangly ones!
8. Photo I took at sunset from my car, facing the Pacific.  That's PCH ahead.
9. I'd never get a tattoo but if I did, it may look like this, which I'd never get. (Okay Mom!)