Friday Finds

What a week!  A good one at that, but I'm so looking forward to the weekend.  It's supposed to be in the 70s here and I already have patio brunch plans for both days.  I'm also looking forward to shooting some new recipes for the upcoming weeks.  Stay tuned for a new installment!

Friday Finds 1.18 w:numbers.png

1.  Original Ansel Adams photographs at my cousin's house.  His wife's grandma was friends with him and left a portfolio.  Hop on the envy train.
2.  Wooden tasting spoon I got for Christmas.  Spoon from the bottom, sip from the top!  So cool.
3.  Alexander McQueen skull scarf.  Classic and effing awesome.  Love the brown.
4.  Krug & Ryan Co. artisanal cutting board, made in Martha's Vineyard.  My amazing clients shipped one in for me.
5.  If I only could choose one pair of Hunter boots to get, they'd be these.
6.  Very tall evergreens by my work in Bel Air.  I always look up on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
7.  Figs with cashew cream and coconut.  Rawmazingness!
8.  I've been looking for a great watch (that I'd splurge on) and this may be the one!  BOOTYFULL.

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