Chocolate-Caramel Apples {splurge}

This past holiday season was especially busy but I always make it a priority to give away homemade food gifts each year.  Chocolate-caramel apples were on the list, inspired by a booth at the Malibu farmers' market that makes killer ones every Sunday.  

I'm ONLY sharing this now because I do believe that these shouldn't be limited to holidays-- they make the perfect hostess gifts.  Rather than the protocol bottle of wine, these are easy, somewhat healthy and never cease to leave the giftee with a smile on their face.


The combinations are limitless!  Popcorn for my movie business buds, almonds/ peanut butter cups for my "nutty" friends, and the list goes on.


Garnish with whatever your little heart desires.


 I melted down Werther's soft caramels, along with Wilton's melting chocolate and went to town!

Here's a great tutorial over at One Charming Party.