Friday Finds

I'm SO looking forward to spending NYE in NYC with friends who were my family for all of those years I lived there AND equally as excited to go to all of my old places.  Cheers darlings! 


1.  See's scotchmallows!  I always take them from the assorted boxes before anyone sees (get it?!)
2.  I spy a New Year's Eve manicure!
3.  Billecart rose and caviar.  Predicting 12/31. (Image by my friend TJ)
4.  Golden arrow bangle.  WANT. NOW.
5.  Perfect end of year ensemble.  Sparkles and bows = can't go wrong.
6.  Sugarfina boozy candy I got as a gift.  Champagne gummy bears?  Martini olive almonds?  Yes and YES.
7.  Southwestern leather boots.  Never out of style in my book.
8.  Any person with this (listen up fellas) is automatically awesome.
9.  A little slice of Christmas at our house.

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