Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette {re-eatables}

After making strawberry scones, and promptly consuming 3 of them, I was left with two thoughts: 1.  Portion control.  Why is it always an afterthought?

2.  Okay, salads for the next 3 days.  Starting now Monday.


I know myself and if there's any chance that I'll win my self-imposed 3 day salad challenge, that lettuce needs to have something special.

straw pureeing

Fresh strawberry balsamic vinaigrette is special.  It makes me want to eat lettuce.  It makes me want to jar it up and give it as a hostess gift.  It's that good.

straw vinaigrette

I used white balsamic to retain the bright pink color of the strawberries (which are the base).  This is considerably low in oil so it's healthier than bottled vinaigrettes.

Freeze any leftovers and use for your own future 3 day salad challenges!

INGREDIENTS: (makes about 1 cup)

  • 8 medium strawberries, sliced
  • 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard
  • 2 tbsp. white balsamic vinegar
  • 4 t. olive oil
  • pinch of kosher salt

-In a small food processor or blender, blend strawberries, dijon mustard, white balsamic and salt until smooth.
-Slowly drizzle in olive oil as it’s still blending, until fully incorporated.
-Can be refrigerated for a few days/ freezes well.